Data Science Manager (W/M)

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75017)


Créé en 2013 et après 7 ans de forte croissance, ManoMano semble inarrêtable !

Grâce au succès des levées de fonds (311 millions d'euros à ce jour), ils sont aujourd'hui plus de 570 Manas & Manos répartis dans leurs 4 bureaux : Paris (x2), Bordeaux et Barcelone.

Leurs plateformes commerciales opèrent dans 6 pays : France, Belgique, Italie, Espagne, Royaume-Uni et Allemagne. Elles proposent plus de 5 millions de produits et collaborent avec plus de 3 500 marchands sélectionnés avec soin.

Fiers de faire partie du Next 40 depuis 2019 (Top 40 des startups françaises), ils ont pour objectif de réinventer l'expérience du bricolage, du jardin et de la maison en offrant aux clients une solution de guichet unique pour un accès facile aux conseils, produits et services innovants en ligne.

Rejoindre ManoMano c'est aussi et surtout une formidable expérience personnelle où les projets mondiaux et les valeurs fondamentales sont soutenus par les compétences individuelles.

Leur camaraderie, leur efficacité et leur état d'esprit centré sur les employés (particulièrement importants pour eux!) ont conduit ManoMano à être reconnue pour les conditions de travail optimales qu'elle offre.

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Job Description


At ManoMano, we have this habit of doing things our own way. We particularly love crafting our own ML algorithms. Not only because it is a lot of fun, but also because our vertical - Home Improvement - is so technical, and we usually end up have very specific needs. Today, these algorithms are a tremendous competitive advantage for us.

At ManoMano - even if, as a user, you do not necessarily notice - algorithms are everywhere. They are:

- Behind our marketing campaigns, to optimize them

- At the core of our recommendation engines and search engines

- There, helping us sorting out the thousands of products we are adding every day

- Everywhere, forecasting business

Of course, we could not do all that without our great Data Science team, we are so proud of. Our data scientists are well known, well beyond ManoMano, for their impressive results when they participate in data science challenges, for their blog posts and for the various trainings they give.


We are looking for the new manager of the Data Science team, composed of six bright data scientists. The mission consists in

- Helping data scientists identify and prioritize most impactful projects, jointly with product teams and business owners

- Ensuring that the data scientists are in the best possible position to focus on the projects they are working on

- Defining, well crafted, ambitious yet achievable targets

- Scaling gracefully the team organisation

- Staying very close to business teams to permanently have their needs in mind

- Representing the data science team inside and outside the company

- Owning the team long term vision


In order to fulfill this mission, the ideal candidate should have the following experience:

- At least 6 years of experience of putting data science in production, preferably in e-commerce

- At least 3 years of an impactful experience in managing data scientists

- Outstanding communication and listening skills

- Good knowledge of the following tech stack: Python, Airflow and Docker

- A pragmatic and agile approach that favors execution speed over completeness and sophistication 

- Fluent in English and working knowledge of French

The data science manager will report directly to the VP of Data, with a dotted line to the Principal Data Scientist (and former data science manager)

At ManoMano we offer:

  • Fast growing company
  • International & agile environment
  • 2 days per week remotely
  • 7 weeks holidays
  • Attend external events, fairs & Meetups
  • Crafternoons every Thursday afternoon (share your knowledge, learn from others)
  • Amazing work environment in Paris 17th & 10th, Bordeaux & Barcelona
  • “Ticket restaurant”
  • Hiring Process:

  • Call with a Talent Recruiter
  • Interview with VP Data and/or CMO
  • Interview with Principal Data Scientist
  • Meeting with two Data Scientists
  • Additional Information

    • Contract Type: Full-Time
    • Location: Paris, France (75017)