Head of Product - Commerce (W/M)

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75017)


Launched in 2013 and following 8 years of strong growth, French Home Improvement tech company ManoMano seems unstoppable!

Thanks to the success of our fundraising (300 million euros so far), we now have more than 530 Manas & Manos located across our 3 offices: Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona.

Our business platforms are represented in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK and Germany. They carry over 4 million products and work with more than 3,000 sellers highly selected.

Proud to be part of the Next 40 since 2019 (Top 40 French startups), we have the objective to reinvent the Home Improvement experience by providing customers a one stop shop solution for easy access to online tips, products and innovative services.

More than anything, joining ManoMano presents a fantastic personal experience, where global projects and core values are underpinned by individual skills.

Our camaraderie, efficiency and employee-focused mindset (particularly important to us!) have led ManoMano to become renowned for the optimal working conditions it provides.

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Job Description

Product organization at ManoMano is divided into 5 Gears (Mega-Tribe)

SELLERS: Provide the best experience to our sellers to grow their business (main KPI: seller revenues)

COMMERCE: Help customer discover what they need (North Star Metric : add2cart rate)

PROJECT & SERVICES: Help the customer to set up his own project with advice. We will propose some new service dedicated to DIY

BUYERS: Offer the most seamless and reassuring buying (main KPI: NPS and Funnel Conversion Rate)

ACCELERATE: Transform the DIY marketplace to help construction entrepreneur to run their business (main KPI: B2B repurchase rate)

The COMMERCE Gear includes 3 Tribes:

Attract: How could we attract our customers (3 FTs)

Engage: How our customers could discover our offers, Search, product information (3FTs)

Shop: How our customers could have an e-commerce seamless experience (3FTs)

Your mission as a Head of Product is to ensure that all FTs deliver a coherent product roadmap impacting business  through differentiating features:

The job reports to the CTO/CPO.

Your main missions will consist of 

1- Product discovery

- Master the problem space of your tribe through a deep knowledge of your users pain points and needs through qualitative research (assisted by our user research department) or quantitative data (NPS results, Customer Effort Score verbatims).

- Define strategic user research priorities to be sure to tackle the main problem spaces.  

2- Product strategy

- Build and nurture the product vision with your PMs, based on the data you gathered (from users, your team, data analysis, competitors, user research…)

- Turn that into a strategy and a well-thought roadmap: you will make sure that the PMs are building the right features

- Make sure your team / stakeholders understand and embrace it through your engaging communication 

- Integrate the product strategy within the company strategy

- Provide regular feedback and communicate the vision to the leadership team.

3- Product delivery

- Coordinate the FTs through your macro view and be able to call for cross teams solutions and anticipate dependencies. You also coordinate with other Lead PMs to ensure that we all go into the same direction. You work closely with the Gear EM (Engineering Manager) and architecte team to ensure roadmap feasibility and anticipate the next priorities. Spread your tribe knowledge from one FT to another.

- Be obsessed by the impact of the features the FT of your tribe ship through A/B testing, behavior data, etc. and generate insights about your product (with user researchers’ help)

- Communicate in a timely manner with the CPO/CTO and your main stakeholders about important information, alerts, etc. 

4 - Management & leadership

- Influence: you represent the gear in company strategic meetings and strategic product meetings. You are able to drive complicated decisions where several stakeholders are involved taking into account each one point of view. You can challenge the business requirements. 

- Coach and train: make the PMs grow. You help the PM to become autonomous and impact driven. Assist them during their main ceremonies, have regular 1:1, share your experience, clarify their mission...

- Review and assess: set clear objectives (we use the OKR methodology), monitor the  PMs performance regularly and review each quarter the PMs performance 

Expected skills

Hard skills (specific to the role): 

- Proven product management experience: you can demonstrate a significant  experience in product area (8+ years ideally) and you have a strong track record of achievements both on

- Delivery: you structured product organization, made teams grow, improved delivery process

- Strategy and discovery:  you have success stories backed by hard data where your product initiatives created a significant business difference

Project management : you can anticipate potential risks (technical, operational, legal or business), you always are one step ahead of current advancement, you are able to zoom in to solve operational problems as well as to zoom out to present a clear strategic roadmap. You always fight complexity

Communication : be it written or oral, you are able to express clearly technical or business problems. You have a strong synthesis capacity.  You are able to adapt your  communication to  the person you are talking to. Empathy is one of your strength, and you are able to calm down discussions when people disagree.

Management and leadership : you proved to be a leader even on a small team, you are able to get the most of your colleagues and make them grow.  

E-commerce expertise: you have worked in an e-commerce environment and you know well the basics (catalog management, search, logistics, payments…), you are familiar with marketplace concepts (supply, demand, network effect…). 

Soft skills (shared to all ManoMano): 

Agility, Speed and Entrepreneurial fire : experience in strong growth environment where company changes every 6 months, ability to pivot quickly or take decision with only 80% of the information

Data driven : not  only  can you perform  basic data analysis through tools like Amplitude or basic queries via SQL but your mind is data biaised. Every project you launch start with KPI definition and target. You see data as a strategic asset for the  company and you  try  to maximise it in every project you start (eg with Machine Learning learning features)

Bold, ingenious and care : these are the  3 ManoMano values, they  are a prerequisite to  join us  ! 

DIY (bonus): you are found of DIY, refurbishing an apartment or a house is part of your hobbies, this is great !

Academics : you come from a “Grande Ecole” or University, preferably with an engineer background (business background is also ok if you are tech savvy)

If you started your own  company (even if a failure), this is an extra bonuses ! English is also a prerequisite.

What we offer at ManoMano

  • Fast growing start-up environment
  • International & agile company 
  • 2 days per week work from home
  • Sponsorings to external conferences - organisation of internal and external Meetups
  • Crafternoons every Thursday afternoon (share your knowledges, learn from others)
  • Amazing work environment in Paris 17th, Barcelona & Bordeaux
  • Mac, PC or Linux: it’s up to you!
  • Additional Information

    • Contract Type: Full-Time
    • Location: Paris, France (75017)