Tech Lead PHP

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bordeaux, France ()


ManoMano ? C'est une startup Française créée en 2013 à l’initiative de Philippe de Chanville et Christian Raisson, puis développée dans 6 pays (France, Belgique, Italie, Espagne, UK et Allemagne).

Après cinq ans d'existence sur le marché, et une levée de fonds de 110 millions d’euros en avril 2019, ils ont triplé leurs effectifs cette année, et ils sont désormais 530 Manos & Manas, alors pourquoi pas toi ?

Ils souhaitent révolutionner l'expérience du bricolage, en proposant à leurs clients idées, conseils, produits et services à portée de clic ! Aujourd’hui, ils proposent plus de 4 millions de produits sur leur site et travaillent avec plus de 2000 marchands.

En 2016 ils ont reçu l’IMC Awards Or de la catégorie Site E-commerce ainsi que le Prix digital de l’innovation EBG, sans oublier le programme VIP Google Scale-Up (top 10 Start-Up Françaises). Récemment nommée “la future licorne française” par le magazine Forbes, ils recherchent de futurs talents audacieux et ingénieux pour participer à cette success story !

Rejoindre ManoMano, c’est rejoindre une magnifique scale-up européenne prometteuse.
Ils révolutionnent le monde du DIY et ils innovent sans cesse pour faire face à des challenges passionnants.

Leur ambition est de faire grandir leurs équipes professionnellement au sein d’un environnement de travail épanouissant, pour que chacun construise son monde à sa façon à travers leurs valeurs que sont :

la bienveillance

tout en étant agile, orienté tech & data et animé par une flamme entrepreneuriale.

Tu travailleras avec des personnes bienveillantes, talentueuses et dynamiques, qui cherchent à faire progresser chacun des membres de leur équipe !

Ils n’attendent plus que toi pour continuer cette success story où leur plus grand challenge sera de les challenger !

Job Description

ManoMano is a French company launched in 2013 by Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson.

At ManoMano we work collaboratively to reach the same goal: reshaping DIYing by offering our customers easy access to online tips, tricks, products and innovative services.
Currently, we carry over 4 million products on our website, and work hand to hand with more than 2,500 sellers. For the past seven years, ManoMano successfully expanded its activity in order to serve customers across six countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK and Germany).

Thanks to funds raising (300 million euros since our creation) our staff number has tripled and we are now 530 'Manas & Manos' across three offices : Barcelona, Paris and Bordeaux.

Care to join us?
2020 raising of 125 million
2019 was our selection to join the Next40 and we raised 110 million, launching of ManoMano BtoB
2017 we were dubbed a 'French Unicorn in the making' by Forbes
2016 we received the IMC Gold Award for e-commerce, as well as EGB's Innovation prize; we were also invited to join Google's VIP Scale-Up program (top 10 French start-ups).

For all these reasons, we are looking for bold, ingenious an caring talented individuals to take ManoMano to the next level!

Preferred Experience


To consolidate its position as DIY and Gardening online leader, ManoMano has put technology at the heart of its strategy.
We are convinced it is by fluidly delivering qualitatives products that we will be able to offer our clients and merchants all the functionalities to revolutionise their online DIY experience.

As a fast growing company, we are always on the look for ingenious and passionate people.
At ManoMano, we love and aspire to :

  • Push often and serenely to production
  • Monitor code and functionalities (mistakes, product metrics)
  • Take advantage of containers flexibility (docker)
  • Leverage cloud scalability (AWS)
  • Migrate to a micro-services architecture
  • Migrate to a SPA frontend
  • Cultivating continuous improvement

As Tech Lead your mission is composed of three main streams :
Proximity management of the developers of your team (2 to 5 developers), technical ownership of the feature team scope and commitment on project delivery.

You are forming a leadership team with the Product Manager and expert developers alongside other roles such as agile coach, to bring our products to life.

1- Proximity Management

  • you are the N+1 manager for all developers of the feature team (back and front) and manage travel expenses, holidays, account permission, career plan, etc...
  • you have regular 1/1 with your team members, challenge their work and decide of quarterly bonus performance
  • you see the role of manager as a facilitator, a coach, who help team members to learn more and progress at their best

2- Technical Ownership

  • you own the team scope global codebase: performance, availability, technical choices… You delegate work to your team members to imply them and be more efficient but at the end, you are the one responsible
  • you rely on expert skills: Core Archi teams, Senior developers in your team, SRE, Engineering Manager of your Tribe… you know when you need someone skills and how to use it at best
  • you train the team or organize it with Senior dev, when it is appropriate
  • when the group is not aligned on one clear direction about a technical or a process topic, you are the one who takes the lead and makes the call

3- Delivery

  • you participate to quarterly and regular roadmap discussions, with the Product Manager of the feature team, and you provide the technical inputs for the roadmap
  • you know how to challenge a business opportunity/problem and you know how to argument tech needs
  • with the help of Scrum Master, you focus on the next sprint to ensure tech refinement, remove dependencies in order to enable the team reach their sprint goal and their quarter roadmap

We do at ManoMano

  • Software craftsmanship: clean code, testing, peer programming, code review…
  • Devops: CI/CD, observability…
  • React, PHP/Symfony, Java SpringBoot, Gradle, Quarkus, Python, Go, NodeJS, MariaDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Linux, AWS…
  • GSuite, Slack, Confluence,, JIRA…

Technical stack
React with SSR, Microservices, PHP 7, Symfony 5, PHPUnit, Jenkins, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis, Git


  • You are a natural leader
  • You know that a DONE work is better than Perfect work
  • Technically knowledgeable / "a doer" - not afraid to DO, participate and help others / you are not afraid to to take initiatives and offer new solutions
  • Innovative and creative
  • Excellent digital culture and Data Driven
  • Autonomous and adaptable (desire to work in a fast growing environment / Start-up) you like working in a fast changing environment
  • Humble et curious with a big appetite to learn discover and experiment new things
  • You are a good communicator able to speak with SRE about infrastructure problems and with business owner about next roadmap priorities
  • You come to work with good intentions and good vibes, in a team spirit
  • Fluent english required

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 05 July 2020
  • Location: Bordeaux, France ()
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 7 years
  • Possible partial remote